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The Santa Fe area is rich with talented authors and actors.  KSFR2 is a platform for their work as well as new work and classics from others.


Also in our fiction category, we are pleased to offer drama -- film created by the mind.  

A wealth of information awaits you on KSFR2, including the slate of popular talk shows repeated from KSFR Radio.                     



KSFR2 will even dare to take a few minutes evey now and then to provoke a smile and a laugh.  Perfect tonic for today's times.



Today's top local news and a look back in time to news of the recent past.  


     KSFR2 and KSFR are listerner supported

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              Big in podcast       

Five minute fiction pieces written
and recorded by Santa F writers

(Show from May 2013)


Open mic comedy
recorded live in Santa Fe

Audio cartoons by
the Santa Fe Light Brigade

  True tales of a country doc

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Click the Listen Live button on KSFR2.  You'll get our program stream with some of the same shows replayed at different times of the day and night, plus new ones, too.

From your show's program page, click the "play" button to listen on your computer, smartphone, or iPod or other listening device.

Go to the show's program page, click the "subscribe" button and have each version downloaded to your computer, smartphone or iPod or other listening device automatically when it comes out.

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