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               KSFR2 is a second service of KSFR 101.1, Santa Fe
             public radio. We have created a new digital-only
             service to offer our national and international
             audiences even more quality programs than we can
             now offer on our basic home service.


KSFR is operated by the not-for-profit
                 Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation, Santa Fe.



One of our goals is to focus on local, Santa Fe talent...
authors, actors, playwrights, giving them another
platform for their work. 

Another is to reach an even greater worldwide
audience with the work of our local friends and others.

                         KSFR is listener supported public radio                          


              Copyright ownership of original material on this site remains with
              the copyright holder and KSFR2 makes no claims to it.

              KSFR2 is (c)2012 Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation

For acknowledgements not made elsewhere, our thanks to the following for permission to use their material on this service:  Podiobooks.com, Libravox.org, Alaistair Cameron, Quantum Jazz, LLoyd Rogers, Lee Rosevere, Kevin McCleod, Jamie Evans, Clinical Archives, Slainte