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   New shows not on radio  
               Santa Fe Originals

Orginally created for KSFR 101.1 FM and reprised now on KSFR2.Org.
Episode 1

Radio obits from the 
Dexter Funeral Home


Open mic live

True stories from a
retired docComedy

Audio cartoons from the
Santa Fe Light Brigade


Santa Fe sleuth stumbles 
into a new case.



Short shorts from Santa Fe writers



Original comedy from Santa Fe

Dexter Funeral Home -- Dan Gerrity


Open mic at a Santa Fe club

Boiling with Terri



Some of our local authors and stories
Santa Fe author Liz Rose: Booby Trap 
(She's now writing a novelized biography of her
British-major father)
Santa Fe author Jane Tokunaga: The Wait
(She created the Santa Fe venue for writers
called "Nickel Stories."

Santa Fe storyteller Charles Maynard: Country Doc
(He really is a family practice doctor, retired)

These are more local stories are sprinkled throughout KSFR2's live webstream.  Listen to more here.   

     Among our other stories

Classic Thriller: Thirty-Nine Steps

      Lend an ear.  Good things to hear.

Local talent have few places to show their work.  Our goal is to make KSFR 2 such a place.

Authors and actors like some of the people on this page have had to be satisfied with performing in front of small groups. Our worldwide audience will give them a bigger stage on which to perform.

From them, we will be hearing more original short stories, books and plays, comedy and serious essays as KSFR2 matures.

Along the way, we'll also hear classics and new works from authors, actors and readers from elsewhere.

We're creating a new platform for theater of the mind. We are betting you can imagine better pictures than any camera could possibly take.  

Try it. We think you'll like it.

     KSFR2 is a second service of listener-supported Santa Fe Public Radio   



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